Will Obama get impeached for Benghazi?

What a strange turn of events. Many of us remember that Hillary Rodham got her start in politics while working as a young attorney on the Watergate Commission. Nixon resigned before being impeached.

Hillary Clinton, it seems, told a few fibs about Benghazi before retiring to save her political career. All of the lies will come to light when the Benghazi whistleblowers testify.  The Clinton lies will come back to haunt her in 2016. Joe Biden will be guilty by association. It looks like the Clinton regime is finally coming to an end.  Then there is Leon Panetta and Susan Rice and their superb efforts with the Benghazi cover-up.  

Now, if Bill Clinton was impeached for lying about having sex with an intern, will Obama be impeached for lying about Benghazi and the death of four Americans?  I mean this is not about a blowjob in the oval office coat room. It is about a president lying about Benghazi and perpetrating a cover-up during an election year. It is not about semen stains on a blue dress, but four dead Americans that were denied the most rudimentary safety precautions in a post Libyan war zone. It is about a huge stain on the ethics of the Obama presidency.   

The Federalist papers would suggest that Obama’s lies would be subject to impeachment. He has broken the trust between himself and the American people.  The death of four Americans and the Obama administration's attempt at covering up the administration's ineptitude would also warrant impeachment. In time, Obama, like Clinton, will play the “I am sorry for lying card" and beg for forgiveness. These tactics are straight out of the Clinton playbook. In fact, Hillary Clinton probably coached Obama on the entire coverup affair given her experiences with White Water, Ken Starr, and Monica Lewinsky. I mean, it is just too obvious.

Hillary did not expect that several whistleblowers with their own bureaucratic power agenda would come forward to tell the truth. We can never under-estimate the politics of a government bureaucracy. It can be as cut throat as the KGB. 

Hillary is banking on Boehenr not having "The balls" to impeach Obama. In fact one can simply visualize Hillary mouthing "Boehner does not have the balls to impeach Obama!"  

 Currently the media is trying to determine what the meaning of “is” is! 

Wolfie Blitzer is muttering WTF!!  Bill Maher is yelling "Idiot" in a fashion similar to Napoleon Dynamite.    

The liberal press will say that Bush lied about WMD in Iraq so why make a big deal of Benghazi. Of course, Obama is trying to justify attacking Syria when it was the rebels who used Sarin chemical weapons on Assad’s troops? 

Obama made no reference to Saddam Hussein gassing Kurdish children in Northern Iraq prior to the Iraq war.  Obama made no reference to the fact that Saddam Hussein used Sarin, Mustard, Tabun and VX nerve agents against Kurdish children. Hussein killed over 5000 innocent civilians in Halabja. Obama stood on the Democrats standardized mantra of "No WMD in Iraq! Now he wants to attack Syria without any evidence that Assad used any type of nerve agents against the Syrian rebels. "What Catch 22!  What hypocrisy. 

The real question is why Obama didn’t transport the widows of the fellas that got killed in Benghazi around in Air Force one as fodder for the “War on terror”? Oh I forgot, Obama killed Osama Bin Laden and the war on terror is over!  Obama was too busy attacking the 2nd Amendment to care about protecting an embassy from gun toting terrorists or telling the truth. It almost seems that Obama used Sandyhook to run interference on Benghazi for the last 5 months. Has he convinced the American public that citizens carrying  guns are more dangerous than Al- Qeada carrying RPGs in front of an embassy? The logic is askew.    

So, the house will have to vote to impeach Obama for lying to the American people and directing his cabinet members to “Cover-up” the Benghazi mess or lose face. Then the Senate Dems will let Obama off the hook. The by-product of allowing Obama to avoid impeachment for the Benghazi cover-up will be the loss of the Senate in 2014.  We saw how Gerald Ford lost to Jimmy Carter for Nixon amnesty.

The Senate Dems will be punished for Obama amnesty in 2014. As a Republican activist, I would call this a “Check” and “Checkmate!”

If I am Boehner and Cantor, I go all in for Obama impeachment  and bring the Republican coalition with me. All outcomes for an Obama impeachement favor Republicans for both 2014 and 2016. Should Obama survive an impeachment, he loses the senate in 2014. Should Obama resign, Joe Biden ( Mr. 1% primary bid) becomes president and a lame duck 1 term president. If Biden does not chose Hillary for VP, she runs against Biden for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2016. Hence, both major Democratic candidates for president in 2016 will have extremely tainted reputations. Nixon could not come back from Watergate. Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton wont have a chance in 2016. Bill Clinton will have struck his last deal.   

Our parents told us never to lie and always tell the truth. This is the meaning of "Is"! 

Of course the media will call Republicans racists for holding Obama accountable for lying to the American people. I wonder what color tie Boehner will wear?  


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